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The Company

Years of Action


ROMKAGROUP Group was founded and started, with an upward development course, in the year 1979 and then entered dynamically in the field of construction. It is the beginning of a Group of companies that shall set high goals in the field of technical constructions, wanting to satisfy even the most demanding portion of customers.
In its privately owned spaces, it shall be possible to create metal constructions of all kinds that shall satisfy inventive ideas. At the same time, ROMKAGROUP, shall deal with the execution of projects related to luxury constructions. It can create with absolute consistency providing thermal insulation and excellent sound insulation between the walls. Hotel facilities and similar projects of high scope and high requirements are successfully assigned and carried out by our companies. The areas of the Group, with a total area exceeding 7000 m2, offer all the guarantees for the production of the desired outcome. Heading with responsibility towards the customer and following reliable business methods, ROMKAGROUP is today a pioneer in its field, a fact that is certified by its own work.
The extent and prestige of the Group is known throughout Western and Northern Europe, where the headquarters of the companies are located. Indicative of the development and transparency of the projects carried out by the Group's offices in Dortmund, Germany, is the spread of constructions throughout Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. In this context of development and motivated by the spirit of finding solutions to the ever-increasing needs, the Group can accomplish any project.
From the beginning of its operation until today, ROMKAGROUP carefully plans its steps and predicts the needs that will arise in the future. It becomes a leader in the field of constructions and is established in the economic and developmental activity. Its importance is highlighted through the quality of its projects and the impeccable relationships of cooperation and trust that it ensures with its customers.
The services it has, favor the simplification and refinement of life, based solely on the planning and the seriousness of its personal potential. The rapid developments and the increased demands imposed by the development of society, find us as helpers at the forefront of developments. Perspectives, reliability and innovative spirit are criteria that founded the quality of the Group and found suitable ground to offer dynamic solutions through the activities of our companies. It is worth noting the provision of written guarantees to customers, reaching fifty years.
In the Group one can look for a complete thermal faceplate system as well as metal and mechanical constructions of various types. Through these projects, the dynamics and flexibility of the Group undoubtedly stand out. It is emphasized that the construction sector is certified with ISO9001: 2000. In addition, with respect for human life, the quality of which goes hand in hand with nature, ROMKAGROUP, installs photovoltaic parks.


Our people, our partners, who for a number of years have been the active workforce of the Group, are the live advertisement from which the prestige of ROMKAGROUP emerges. The fulfillment of the strict standards, related to the staffing of the companies, is achieved through the training and the continuous informing and development of our human resources. Our main goal is to find the right person in the appropriate position. With a high sense of respect for our employees and with integrity that our relations are pervaded by, unbreakable bonds of trust are built. Undoubtedly, the Group constitutes a beloved home for all our employees.
Participating dynamically in the field of technical constructions, we possess personnel consisting of a variety of specialties. This includes designers-mechanical engineers, electric welders, assemblers, hoisters, linemen, production and construction site foremen, sheet-bending machine operators and machine tool operators.
The best are selected by us to serve you based on your current and future needs. The people of who the companies are composed are aware of their contribution to achieving the goals that are set each time. Without a doubt, this belief constitutes the main pillar of ROMKAGROUP. The impeccable cooperation and the mutual respect between the Management and the personnel characterize all our companies.
In the frame of a future construction, our Group promises consistency, prompt delivery and quality of work. Looking to the future and wishing to meet needs, it predicts and develops at a very fast pace so as not just participate in the developments, but to keep up with them and fulfill them immediately. For the above reasons, being in a continuous, demanding and evolving sector, ROMKAGROUP deservedly holds the first place.
We collaborate with our selected external assistants and crews from all over Greece.
In addition, in the Group of our companies, you are given the opportunity to visit the facilities and verify the quality of the work provided. You have the opportunity to get to know our personnel, who are willing to inform you about our work and our progress in the field of constructions. Then the presentation of the work plan that concerns you takes place. The process is pervaded by consisentcy and professionalism. The guarantees required to build a healthy business relationship are concentraded in ROMKAGROUP. They constitute a prerequisite and basic axis in order to meet in full your needs.
It is widely accepted that the competitive qualification of the Group concerns mainly its human resources. Our employees, each individually, represent our image and highlight our identity towards our customers. Our main concern is to support them, so that they become pioneers and competitive.


From the beginning of its creation, ROMKAGROUP, wishes not only for the consolidation but also the creation of a Group whose name will be synonymous with the vanguard in the field of technical constructions and will have a leading role in them. As regards the founders of the Group, they are people with skills and with the aim to innovate and stand out in the field with main qualifications the quality and the creation of excellent collaborations. This goal is achieved exclusively if the customers get the best impressions and are completely satisfied with the result of the construction.
The ethics that characterize interpersonal relationships, the professionalism and the trust constitute fixed values to which all ROMKAGROUP employees adhere.
It is justifiably a valuable partner that you will choose.
The consistency of words and work strengthens the prestige of the Group. Our point of reference, are our customers, who choose ROMKAGROUP, for the realization of their needs. With a strong sense of responsibility, we wish to be your first choice and special partner, worthily supporting our identity and applying practices that strengthen our name both in Greece and abroad.
ROMKAGROUP is a Group with a vision, governed by unbreakable principles and states that it is ready to respond to the maximum of its capabilities to your needs and to proceed with their implementation with confidence.
Integrity and the strong sense of duty towards each customer is our point of reference. In our Group you will find consistency and observance of the ethical and professional code, so that these elements will be the basis for the creation of friendly relations and relationships of trust with our customers. The way of operation and handling of the projects undertaken by our personnel, constitutes a guarantee and creates auspicious prospects for the future.
ROMKAGROUP invests in its well-trained personnel as well as in the constant information in order to be in the center of the developments. It is a fact that our program sets a very high standard in every project. Our specifications include investments in new technologies that work as an aid and enhance the result of the works. In any case, thorough business planning is achieved and our ambitions are met by the completion of the construction and the achievement of the desired goal.