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Insulation & Waterproofing Of Buildings


Insulation & waterproofing the SHIELD of your home.
A big challenge for ROMKAGROUP constitutes the protection of your business or personal space from the existing weather conditions. Also, the loft of a construction needs Waterproofing. In a house the main concern is the thermal insulation of the roof. At the same time, for the interior of the house it is necessary to ensure thermal faceplate and sound insulation, while in the basement and the roof it is necessary to ensure damp proofing. The study of these, high in degree of reliability, is designed to constitute a "Shield" for your home. Our goal here is to save energy and money, acting as a counterpoint for heat loss, leaks and any damages caused by moisture.
We provide you with professional solutions, living up to the needs that need to be met. Specialized studies are conducted, according to the requirements of our customers, and taking seriously into account the peculiarities of the space and the financial budget available from the interested party.
Indicative of our work, is the specialization of ROMKAGROUP in the fields of Waterproofing and Insulation. Ventilated facades of high requirements are used, in addition to the conventional methods of thermal insulation, which concern the sound insulation, the thermal insulation and the architectural finish. A characteristic of our Group is that, in the field of Waterproofing, EPDM membranes are used in any thickness. And here the guarantee of tightness reaches fifty years.
Our work is carried out through certified and experienced crews, which are at the forefront of developments in the field of technical constructions, know modern techniques and possess top and internationally recognized materials. Twenty years of experience and perseverance for perfection are rewarded by the multitude and trust of our customers. Our relationships are long-lasting and are characterized by mutual respect. Each time, new techniques are adopted that promote ROMKAGROUP and add value, authenticity and prestige to its presence. Then, the most advantageous strategy is implemented for the project, with the help of modern means and techniques. In conclusion, it is noted that the Group's prices are considered attractive and highly competitive.
The flexibility and stability of ROMKAGROUP, the result of labour and countless efforts, make it able to claim worthily the first place in the field of technical constructions. Our philosophy is in line with our expectations.
“There is always a solution, as long as you are really interested in finding it.”