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Home Subsidy Program 2020

Home Subsidy Program 2020

Study, financing & construction by a group.


The “Home Subsidy” program offers financial incentives and the appropriate conditions for property owners to decide on the energy upgrade of their home.


Based on the rules that have been formed and the developments imposed by the modern era, this particular option is given to provide solutions and possibilities to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, this goal can be achieved by saving both money and energy. It is important to emphasize the significant increase in the value of the property.


Few citizens have the money to spend on a possible renovation of their house. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Environment enables the energy upgrade of buildings, which are co-financed by the NSRF. The subsidy, in fact, amounts to 70% of the cost for improvement works, such as thermal insulation. In addition, loans are provided on very favorable terms. Therefore, the incentives provided are considered tempting while at the same time the protection of the environment is taken into account but also economic benefits are provided.


Regarding the benefits of the program, the installation of thermal insulation on the outer facade and on the roof of the building is also included. Also, awnings are being replaced, while the upgrade the heating and hot water supply system with boilers or external water heaters is of great importance.


ROMKAGROUP forms for you a complete proposal related to the energy upgrade possibilities that can be achieved in your space. Suggests specific solutions for the thermal faceplate and the ventilated facade of your building. Finally, the options are multiple in terms of insulation and waterproofing materials. In addition, complete proposals are provided for the damp proofing of the house.


ROMKAGROUP offers the opportunity and the possibility to a large portion of people to create a more pleasant environment in their home. It provides the necessary guarantees for you to trust it. The information of undertaking and creating from the beginning your folder for the program is important. It then proceeds with the completion the energy upgrade project of your home, from the first inspection to the final delivery.


In conclusion, the companies have to present a rich package of benefits, capable of leading to the desired ouycome, greatly facilitating the life of the average bourgeois. At a time when the degree of difficulty, effort and competitiveness is very high, ROMKAGROUP rises to the occasion and its value. The longstanding experience of our people is combined perfectly with the quality of our materials, as a result of which the prestige of ROMKAGROUP is certified.


With love for humans, commitment to the rules of society, but above all, with respect and awareness of the importance of the environment, the green renovation of the house is promoted, offering guarantees for the desired completion of the projects assigned to us.