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Construction of Industrial Buildings


Environmentally friendly creative ideas & economical solutions.
Our Group, which owes its development and its wide scope, to its long-lasting experience and know-how, specializes in the construction of Metal Buildings as well as in any kind of metal construction.
The future requires innovative and creative ideas, easy and economical solutions to the needs that are created and seek an easier and better way of life. Following these footsteps, ROMKAGROUP is there to meet your requirements. The ever-growing demand for metal buildings confirms the sense of change and modernization of society, with constructions friendly to the environment that surrounds us. The building materials used are in their majority recyclable. In addition, the excellent and consistent technical support provided confirms the scope of its name.
It is important to note that a number of advantages occur from a metal building. It is also accepted that conventional concrete structures may not fully comply with the specifications. At this point we responsibly inform you that the metal elements related to the construction, are used and created in the factories of our companies. Working conditions are set up under strict human and electronic monitoring. The right people in the right places oversee the process. All ISO EN 1090 certification specifications are strictly observed.
In addition, the metal buildings under construction are earthquake – proof due to the resistance of the steel frame to the stresses it is likely to receive, but also due to the fact that the construction is lighter. With the help of contemporary software models and professional design, the result is achieved by ensuring perfect construction infrastructures. Do not forget that an important reason for choosing such a project is the reduced time required for it. The building components are prefabricated at the factory and then assembled on site in a short period of time and regardless of weather conditions.
Another important advantage of metal buildings, not insignificant at all, is the low economic cost. Its low price is achieved due to the low SSI rate. In this aim the industrialization of the small loads of the bearing organisation, which reduce the costs, has an auxiliary role.
Concluding, regarding the constructions of metal buildings, projects with large openings are completed, without the existence of intermediate columns. Consider that the unlimited architectural choices and the flexibility in the interior design make the decision of such a construction particularly attractive. The aesthetic result justifies such a choice. This automatically leads to the reduction of the possibility of creating "dead" spaces, a possibility very likely to occur in conventional concrete constructions. Finally, the ease of both expanding and relocating a metal building is incomparable.
The Group ensures your investment and maximizes the benefits of the customers. The implementation of the maximum success rate of the project constitutes the initial and basic goal of our companies. A customer at ROMKAGROUP, throughout the cooperation monitors and is informed about the completion of the study of the project under construction, as well as about the time of delivery. Finally, it is prudent to mention the areas that are suitable for metal structures. Such spaces can be entertainment spaces, industrial, storage and exhibition spaces, gyms, high-rise buildings as well as food factories.
Do not forget that at ROMKAGROUP our partners enjoy quality and economy. Helpers of our effort are the trust you show in our qualified staff and in the skills we possess.